Instead of getting involved in the bidding war, I decided to purchase to use the "Buy Now" price. Sounds simple right? Well, I paid immediately as they directed only to find out 2 weeks later that it would not ship for another 4 weeks.

Now let me get this straight -- I have to pay immediately but they have six weeks to ship???? It sounds to me like they don't have the product you are bidding for and once they have sold enough of that item, they will then go and purchase using volume discounts. Well fine - but do it on someone else's time. I bought this item for a gift.

I encourage everyone to read this site before using this site!

Monetary Loss: $47.

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If you call them up everyday, you'll get it in six months. If you don't, they void it after a while. :grin



Six weeks! You must be kidding...

If you are very lucky, you'll get the item in 6 months. Mostly, you will never get it.

They void old auctions. :grin

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