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you guys ripped me off bad I didnt have anymore money in my account I couldnt buy food for me and my kids and my sick wife who is on bedrest. karma is a *** you will see I dont know how you can do this to people then you changed your customer service to an automated person speaking wtf. I really hope your supervisor jay is ready to see me cause i am getting a plane ticket and coming to see you guys personally about this I dont care if you take it as a threat its a promise and I already contacted the attorney general and bbb about this I wont stop till your company is closed for what you did to me!

Monetary Loss: $178.

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Wavee took all your money; no money in your account; you have kids to feed, a sick wife on bedrest; now you're planning on getting on a plane. How will you pay for that?

Why is Wavee more important to you than your kids and wife? How did someone as ignorant as you manage to live as long as you have?

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