Like so many others on here I to was a victim of Wavee.com, I am trying to get a refund of the $75.00 they took out of my bank account for unwanted credits. I want to let all know that I tried to use the URL to the refund page and it took me to the Wavee HOME page...nothing there to fill out for a refund except an email address to write to.

I am sure it has been changed from all the refunds they have been asked for already. They probably have already spent most of the money they took from innocent victim's, so we'll be lucky to even get a refund back.

To all that reads this, pass the news on about these fakes...I am through the same local news who did a review of "how great this web sight is". I will be following up with all complaints on this company and doing my part as a citizen to spread the word about this fraudulent company and anyone who is involved with it making profits.

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I get sooo much spam by this company and after clicking "unsubscribe" I started to get even more. Called them 3 times and I still get the spam.

HUGE well known scammers just like the other PennyAuctions websites.


I too have been ripped off by this site. They charged me $75.00 and their website didn't even work correctly.

It would log me off about every 5 to 10 minutes and when i tried to bid it wouldn't let. I was kicked off the site and when i would try to get back on it would say 'oops www.wavee.com is having issues' . I couldn't even use the support page because it wasn't working properly. I waited for almost an hour on the phone to talk to someone about a refund just to get turned down because I had used some of my credits, even though I lost because their site didn't work properly.

I asked for the manager and was told he wasn't available. So I said that I would hold. I then was on hold for another 20 minutes she gets back on the line and tells me that he is still unavailable but she can refund me $37.50 by putting it in as I was buying a smaller package of credits. Why don't they give you the option to buy the smaller package in the first place because I would have chosen the smaller package just to try it out and if it was a *** deal (that it was) at least Iwouldn't be as upset about losing $20 or $30 but $75....come on that to me is a lot to lose.

Oh and I did mention the unused bids could be refunded like BOB had said but I was shut down on that one too. I believe I'm going to talk to my lawyer to see if anything can be done about this situation


I have already alerted my credit card company and am going to do my best to alert everyone i know about this scam. DO NOT SIGN UP OR GIVE YOUR CREDIT CARD to this company!!!warning


I got scammed into the same thing. OH and calling that phone number does NOTHING...I WAS ON HOLD ON TWO different phone lines for 30 minutes on each and they DO NOT answer!! I also sent two e-mails....and so far no response


I was just told today, that I can only get half of my 75.oo refunded... I am looking at the attornry general for help with these criminals...


Hello. I'm sorry you had a bad experience.

If you are referring to unused bids, we do refund those.

Feel free to contact us again via our support or give us a call at 1-800-879-WAVEE. I would like to resolve your issue.

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