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It all started last evening while I was networking with friends on Facebook. An ad appeared for an auction site selling mid- to high-end electronics at incredible prices. I already know about penny auctions and that you pay to bid, and therein lies the company's profit. Several competing bids all pay fees to the company, in Wavee's case it is 75 cents per bid, so the company could still make far more than the product's selling price while the "winning" bidder still gets a good deal (as long as they didn't have to do most of the bidding). Theoretically, you could watch a product and start landing bids just as the bidding slows down, and theoretically, you could win an auction on a $5000 product for just $20-40 and have the last bid. Theoretically. Understood.

But's Facebook promotion ads land you on a special page chock full of graphics, products, and even a video. It is not the "regular" enrollment page. So you put in your name, address, credit card number, and expect to be taken to a "total" page or a "confirmation" page, only to find out that somewhere buried in all the graphics was a tiny statement that you in fact just ordered $179 worth of bid credits.

I sent an email to support declaring my intent to never use the service and formally request a refund. No answer yet. I used the chat window to "customer service". At first, "Dorothy" stated that the amount was obvious, displayed in several places, underlined, bold, and that there are no refunds under any circumstances. She went on and on about the consumer's responsibility, nothing she can do, might as well just view the demo videos and use the service.

But they do have refunds. She just didn't want to admit it. You see, I went to another "complaint website" earlier and found a very similar story, a pissed consumer and his conversation with "Dorothy" via chat was posted along with the one magical piece of information needed, the URL of the Refund Request Form on PDF which happens to promise a full refund of the $179 enrollment fee. In fact, it clearly declares that you must request your refund within 90 days.

I threw that in "Dorothy's" face and after bantering a bit, she indeed gave me a link to the refund page and abruptly terminated the chat. I called the company at 888-98-WAVEE (888-989-2833) and selected the prompt for billing issues. The phone call was answered by "Jessica". Unlike "Dorothy", "Jessica" was very polite but she did say that the refund request indeed had to be received by postal ("snail") mail with my original signature before the refund can be processed.

My next call was to my Prepaid Legal provider attorney (yes, I know, PPL is an MLM and is also bitched about in this forum but so far, knock-on-wood, my experience with them has been good). In my state it is actually a fairly big law firm in Tacoma, and I reached an attorney specializing in consumer issues. His advice was to "initially jump through their hoops" but to retain copies of everything, but to follow up diligently. Their form says it will take 1-2 weeks for a refund to be processed, so if two weeks goes by without a refund to my card (or a check) I will call the attorney back and he will follow up on my behalf.

I was ***. Always look at every web page very carefully, and never assume (***-U-ME) more details will be divulged on another page if only you fill out a form to make the server happy.

For anyone else in this situation, the refund page URL is:

(Unless they change it soon, that is.)

Monetary Loss: $179.

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I'm still fighting for my $75 back from Feb. The bank refunded my money but Wavee disputed it and the bank reversed it.

So back to Battle with them. Glad the Better Busn Bureau and the State of Ga Consumers offc is investigating them now.


Very very deceptive company. Any company that charges you will ask for verificaiton.

Not Wavee. The registration process ends with a charge.

That is BS any way you look at it.



I haven't had any of these problems because I read the Terms and Conditions... I recently won an Apple TV for 8 bucks granted I spent 20 on bidding but non the less still *** of a deal.

You people just have to realize that this is actually an art and just not some place you get cheap stuff.

People make a lot of money doing these sites correctly.. Just saying


I too signed up to Wavee w/o checking their terms and conditions, so I did not. Know about the $75 charge.

Before I started though I checked the reviews of the company and that's where I found out about the charge. I immediately called my cc company and cancelled my card but they had already submitted the charge (that was w/i minutes). I then sent them email stating that their sign up was deceptive and that I wanted my money back. I could not call them because it was a Sunday.

Next day I called first thing in the morning, prepared to argue with all the info from previous complaints, but surprisingly the rep saw that I had not bid on anything and said that although she was not required to refund the fee because of their terms, she would refund it as a courtesy.

It took several calls w/i the next two weeks but fortunately my cc was credited with the $75. I was one of the lucky ones!


I also got misled into this auction site. As soon as I realized it charged my debit card $75.00, I didn't even click the start bidding now page.

I immediately called my bank and they were able to give me a number to call that was posted on my checking account. Apparently as soon as you check the "I'm 18 years of age box" you have agreed to their Terms and Conditions..... I spoke with a customer service person by the name of Jessica, she informed me that the transaction never cleared their server and that it would drop off in 2-3 days.

This transaction took place on 12/15 and as of today I have not received a credit. I'm currently unemployed and that transaction is about 55% of my weekly income.....


I signed up for Wavee and was charged $75 without ever seeing a confirmation page, or a clear statement that my card would be charge immediately, rather than merely being used for future charges. Considering the lengths the introductory page goes to to explain how the site works, it seemed odd that they would not carefully how payment is done. However, I was willing to live with that, and at first assumed I just had not been careful enough. I also did not sign up with the expectation that I actually would win an auction. What attracted me was the promise, clearly stated in the video, that Wavee offers "the lowest prices on the web," and that money spent on bids on an auction you do not win could be applied to the buy it now price. I thought that I would find something that I wanted to buy, bid on it and in the likely event I didn't win it, just buy it. But it turns out that Wavee buy it now prices are NOT the lowest: they are fairly low but it's easy to find lower. I used the Wavee Support page to ask how they enforced their "lowest price" promise. The first response I got was just a few sentences praising Wavee, bearing no logical relation to my question. Pressing, I was told that "Wavee does not engage in price matching." I asked how they could have the lowest price without price matching, and was told that Wavee never said it offers the lowest price, just among the lowest prices. This is a flat out lie, and I called them on it, pointing out that the promotional video in fact does say the LOWEST price. The response I got to that was pure gibberish, intended to create the impression that they acknowledged my point but in fact saying nothing. Here it is: "Thank you for bringing this inquiry to our attention concerning Macbook price comparison. I will have our Sales Department Team to investigate for future opportunities." It does not even make grammatical sense.

I have since called customer support. Apparently catching them red-handed in a lie is more effective than complaining about their misleading credit card charges, because after some initial balking the rep agreed to close my account and refund my money. He said he would send an email confirming this shortly. That was yesterday and the email has not arrived, but the promise of a refund was posted in one of my complaint tickets, and I have a screen capture.

So this is not a simple matter of being careful. Wavee is lying about its pricing policy to entice people like me who otherwise never would have signed up. I intend to file complaints with my state Attorney General and (because it involves interstate commerce) with the FBI.


I got an email from, checked it out, drooled a few times at the prospect of getting a great deal, then my alarm went off. For some reason, it reminded me of DIRECTBUY, which requires you to pay thousands of dollars to become a member before you can buy the stuff they sell for so little.

Then I did the math.

Once you clear your head and stop looking to get something for practically nothing, you can see right through this trickery. AVOID WAVEE.COM!


People, You have the internet. Read the reviews before you go to a website and sign up. If you aren't smart enough to do that, you deserve what you get.


I was duped by There was no mention of a $75 charge.

I was led to believe a bid costs .75. I received an error message in the middle of a winning bid. Then a screen appeared stating I had bought the item @ $985.

I immediatedly contacted my bank to verify that this transaction did not occur but was told that billed my credit card twice for $75. The site was down for 2 days and now I cannot reach a live person to get the reund policy.


Thank you! I was just about to join. I should have known it was too good to be true.


Please help!


I wished I read this information before I give out my credit card information today. Please help!

Macapa, Amapa, Brazil #202265

I have contact the Better Business Bureau in Atlanta, GA. Has anyone else done this?



I received a full refund from after just a few days. I didn't appreciate the "attitude" of the scripted responses on their chat, however.


Sorry folks, it indeed looks like the Refund Request Page has either been taken down or moved to a new, unpublished web address. I wish I could help further.


I had the same experience as the other people who were unknowingly charged $179. Customer Service offered to refund half of my $179, but I turned them down.

I'm calling my credit card company to stop payment.

Also sending in refund form reference above. :(


THIS IS A SCAM!!!!! Do not use this site.

A charge of $179 was put on my credit card with not verification and approval. Spoke to the 'Manager of Customer Support', Bob Williams. Apparently he is a robot, he continue to repeat a scripted response to my question of canceling the order. Neever would agree or disagree to do it.

Only repeated that it was my responsibility. BEWARE!!!!!!

IT'S A SCAM!!!! Could hear other 'Customer Server Managers' in the background repeating the same script.


As some people already said, it is trying to lure people to purchase $179 credit package. There wasn't any confirm page that you will purchase that credits.

Also, email customer service, had to wait more then 48 hours (as stated 24-48) to get a non sense reply email. Their process of bidding is very QUESTIONABLE. After trying to bit few items, I notice that many times the word "PROCESSING...." stands there for about two seconds (the clock runs down to 0 for two seconds). It seems to wait for others to bid rather than letting the last bidder won.

I also happened to won one and got the credit charged but it has been more than 10 days, the item is still in processing, not ship yet. When I won that item, the clock stood on 0 for less than a second and I won. I think they set it up to let you win and also, who know that they would have a fake bidder just to raise the bid.

Don't joint this site. WAVEE is SCAM.

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