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The Wavee auction site is nothing but a scam. Be careful if you visit the site they charge your credit card $75 and you get nothing for that.

I paid four dollars for an item that costs me $79. It doesn't seem to be a big savings. Stay away from WAVEE steal your money. Pissed off.

The $75 was not to w did with ,it was to pay for the bid you made not the item. Every time you bid up to take money from your account and when they charge you price of the item on top of the $75 bid cost.

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Wavee is truly a scam. The owners should be in prison and if our gov't will not protect us from them who will?

They add time to the bidding, they charge your credit card for 75.00 and they DO NOT ship the products. I started wavee due to an endorcement by a Major Atlanta TV broadcaster. Does anyone remember this infomercial?

If so, post it so we can call them and complian. If they run a retraction maybe we can get these clowns in prison.


I only bid on additional credits. I really did not find anything that I wanted to bid on and every search would come up with the same old junk.

I tried to go to the web site and it is no longer available. Also, the links in my original welcome email (the one where customer service is very important to us) conveniently don't work either.


Did you get taken by I want to hear from you for a news story. Email


I agree they are a scam. Has anyone been able to get a refund. I was sent an e-mail that a refund would be sent in 5 days which was a month ago.



I concur, Wavee is a ripoff. I entered the site, found a $75 charge on my credit card which was NON-REFUNDABLE.

Finally used my credits to bid on an auction which I finally won (but it cost me a lot).

It has been almost a month and I have not received the item I won in the mail. Wavee says it's backordered or some thing like that.

Wavee is BAD NEWS


Wavee is a F@#$ing scam! My wife won an Apple TV in December 2010 it is now April 2011!

You used to be to contact them by phone but not anymore, guess why?

IT'S A SCAM! :( :( :(


I placed a bid for an acer computer which I won. I was charged $282.54 that was on Feb 18, 2011.

Only to be told that I might get my delivry date is May. I cancelled the order and was guranteed my refund in 10-14 days, as of 03-25-11.

I am unable to get my money back. I have filed my case with BBB waiting to see what will happen.


yeah, good OLD wavee charged my account $75, but upon receipt of snail mail bill, I immediately called the FRAUD department of my charge card, had the card CANCELLED, and reported the fraudulent charge . .

. eat it wavee


Such websites need to be brought down. They are spoiling the e-commerce space.


htis is a scam as we all now know.we should stay away and let know everyone out there to stay as far away as possible from wavee. i purchase a camera "with the $75.00 entry fee is over the full cost" 1/1/2011 and still no sign of my item. THIS IS BULL *** STAY WITH eBAY ALL THE WAY

Neu-Hohenschoenhausen, Berlin, Germany #252302

They charge your card at a point where most sites ask if you approve but it is too late and they say if you only read the page where the cost is there but not in a way that is obvious.

Then the bidding is just criminal.

I get the $.75 per bid and how they stop letting you use your bid amount to buy the item as that is presented but if you watch two bids or three or how ever many you will see the same bidders. They bid so many times that their cost is far above the cost of the item. Then in two cases on two very different items the same bidders bidding the same amounts at the same time. If you check in from time to time the bidding continues.

Go away for long enough it stops an magically the same bidder won both auctions for exactly the same amount with the previous bids all being the same. I do not even bother bidding.


javascript:ac_smilie(':(') scam scam scam


took my money and i didnt even ask or sumit ok to it,they r a big ripoff stay away dont give them ur cc #


Incredible! I saw a wavee ad, thought it looked like fun, bought some credits and then won 2 auctions!

I was thrilled until I was still waiting, 2 and a half months later, for the prizes to arrive. So I wrote wavee customer service to find out when my prizes would be shipped. Apparently, I became problematic. They just wrote me to notify me that between november 22 until December, several auctions, including mine, were canceled and my prizes would be voided.

Unbelievable! Was I so much trouble that wavee decided to void my auctions to get rid of me. A legitimate business would at least offer to reimburse me for the money I paid for my 80 credits purchased. Apparently, wavee is not into doing the right thing or being legitimate.

I will be joining the 296 complainants of wavee with the Atlanta better business bureau. This company is truly a scam.


Wavee is a complete scam. That said, I also contacted the Atlanta Better Business Bureau and was issued a full refund.


Been scammed by Want your money back? contact, It worked for me.


It's not a scam. On the same page where you filled out your CC info, if you scroll up and read it, it tells you that your starter pack of credits costs $75. You should read before you click.

You may get your money back if you threaten a lawsuit, but then you'd be the dishonest (and *** for not reading) one.

However, even though it is not a scam, it is still a very competitive market and you may very well dump money into an auction only to lose it right at the end. Be careful. Wavee customers are sharks.


do the math bots or what everthey say you are bidding a penny when in reality itss costing 75. @ which if something sells forsay 1000$=.75x100x10=7500.00 thats one *** of a profit. i will sell you anythingfor this AMAZING NEW TECHNOLOGY??

Great Meadows, New Jersey, United States #228185

i was charged 75$ on CC right after i was dumb enough to register...i never consented to buy anything so run dont walk from these crooks


Wavee is a real scam website. Everybody should be careful to be away from this site.

I was robbed by this site by second.

As soon as you provide the credit card information, you will be robbed by them. Everybody watch out!

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