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On Jan. 3rd, 2011 I won an Amazon Kindle from the Wavee Web Page. According to the disclaimer on their web page, the winnings usually arrive to the winners within 3 weeks. It also stated that if one did not receive their merchandise withing the three weeks, they should call Wavee. After 3 weeks my Kindle didn't arrive, so I called them and asked them were it was. They told me that due to the large number of people that joined their site since the Christmas Holiday, they were bogged down and they told me my Kindle wouldn't be shipped until Feb. 16th. Well, Feb 16 has come and gone and I went back to the web page today (Feb. 19) to find out what was going on with the shipping of my Kindle and the new expected ship date is March 14th.

This is absolutely unbelievable. They didn't hesitate to take my money instantaneously but they have not kept up their end of the deal. PLEASE, let all who are interested know that they take people's money, and don't deliver.

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If you call them up everyday, you'll get it in six months. If you don't, they void it after a while. :grin


I won my first item on Dec. 18th and have yet to receive it.

Curious after reading your post, I logged back in to Wavee's site and saw that both of my items' estimated ship dates have been pushed back several weeks (from 2/2/11 and 2/24/11 to 2/28/11 and 3/22/11, respectively). You are not alone.

People should just stop giving business to this despicable site that hides behind excuses and lies. :(

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