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My personal experience has only been one of sheer negativity with Wavee. This is primarily due to the incredibly long shipping process and the bs excuses that the Wavee support team feeds its customers (or victims is more like it). I was reading posts on Wavee's fan page on facebook, and I stumbled upon a posting by more than one person that was sent to them via email from Wavee:

As you may know, Wavee experienced some technical difficulties during the November 20th to December 15th time frame. Based on customer feedback and a thorough investigation of the events, it has become clear that the ability for many of the auction participants to place bids in certain auctions was compromised during these events. Wavee is committed to providing a fair bidding platform, and auction integrity is of paramount importance to us. As a result, and in keeping with Section 14 of our Terms and Conditions, we have decided to void the affected auctions. Upon logging-in to your account, you will see the credits used in the voided auctions added back to your account. If you were an auction winner, you have been refunded the full auction ending prices. In addition, all bid-to-buy transactions will be reversed.

I was shocked when I read this. What a way to bail yourself out of a sticky situation eh, Wavee? The items I've won are from December 18th and on, but I wouldn't be surprised that after Wavee does more "investigating" that the date range won't be extended and screw me over too.

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I received a similar email from Wavee.They have voided 23 auctions that I participated and returned my bids.

I was a winner in 13 of the auctions! This is *** me off. Wavee spent huge on advertisement and attracted users in a big number. If their website was not capable of handling such a load for more than a month, whose problem is this?

Out of the auctions I participated during that period (of a month), 23 are now voided by Wavee (after 2 months). I was a winner in 13 of them! Does this sound real? Isn't Wavee playing games here so that they don't need to give me my won auctions?

I complained to the customer service and got exactly the same text in the response as that of the email.Where should I go now?

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