I thought Wavee auctions was going to be a good experience. Instead they charged my credit card $ 178.00.

And offered me know refund at all. If only I would of done more research on Wavee I wouldn't be in this frustrating situation I'm in now. I never even saw that their would be any charge to my credit card. infact I went back to the web sight and I did see that their would be a $ 75.00 dollar charge to set up my account.

in addition the prices on the bid items seemed fixed and the bids always where just about retail prices. Get the word out about Wavee that it is one big scam.

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BBB would be a good idea for every1 who has been scammed. Peeps should come together and bring it down.

I know it is easier said then done. Good luck to all consumers...


I sincerely believe that even though we make mistakes by trusting those sites, I think the banks should refuse to pay those scammers if you act quickly. A minute after I discovered that I was charged $75.00 I went online and actually see the money pending, then I called TCF BANK and told them about the scam and ask them not no release the money since it's just happening and the money is still pending, but they said hey cannot stop the transaction since it's approved by visa and ask me to file a complaint...Finally he hang up on me.I think those kind of scams succeed because our so powerful financial institutions and VISA help them.

I did finally talk with another banker who filled their lovely complaint.I deactivated my card and I will close my account with TCF bank withing a month. I'm a huge online shopper, where I spend all my money but tonight I'm done.

I think it has to happen through waivee in order for me to finally start saving seriously. Bye Macys, bye Deeltree, by Ebay, my wife will be happy at leat...


umm sorry guys but momma always told me if it sounds to good to b true theeeen it is duh


It says pretty clear that the package costs $75 on the page. Didn't any of you see that before you enter your credit card info?

y'all lame.


Did you contact the bank and if so did they do anything to get you the refund?


I have also had BAD experience with WAVEE. I have experienced the site crashing over and over and over.

I was going to call customer service but I couldn't even get far enough on their website to get to contact information.

What a waste of time and money!!! DON'T USE THIS RIP OFF SITE!!!!


I was Scam too by WEVEE they are stillers it is a shame that with so many people here the authorities couldn't do anything. Shame on them!


Had the same experience as Tom D. This seems to be a rip-off.

My bank card was charged twice for $48.00($96.00)on 11-16-2010 for credits I thought I was purchasing.

These NEVER showed up in my account. :(


They did the same to me took me of $75.00 and told me they were going to refund the money, I just spoke to Britt their and she said the funds were returned on the 11th i was just at my bank and there was no refund from them. She told me that they sent me a statement telling me the funds were returned i wanted her to resend it she told me that they could not resend it.

She said it was to bad that the bank did not return my money. This place is a big scam.


They brag about their patent pending software...Well what a piece of ***.Sometimes i sign in 3 or 4 times in a row before it will keep me logged on. When you back up a page after doing a search for items it takes you back to main page and you have to type in your search all over again.

Other times if you are bidding the page will just freeze up and then you have to re-log on again. It tells me i am watching an item ALWAYS when actually i am not. It will not remember my log in info or will it remember my payment and shipping info even after multiple check marks in the remember me in box..Also you have to pay for each win one at a time. Since it won't remember your info you have to type in everything over and over to pay for 10 cents worth of purchases.

I won a bundle of credits and it does not show up in my little flag keeper at the top of the page. But mostly what throws up a red flag to me is i just today randomly picked 30 or 40 different items and ALL these items had some if not all the same bidders bidding on the same item...Is that coincidence, some sort of conspiracy, SCAM???? Why would someone waist so many credits on so many items knowing they can only win 5 to 7 of those items in a 7 day period. Also, they disclose everything you can think of in their terms and agreement page but carefully left out the buying limit clause and hid it up on a little flag icon that nobody even notices until you find out you can not bid any more and then a "FLASH" message pops up on your screen so fast you can not even read it.

I am almost inclined to beleive that maybe the items you are bidding on DO NOT EVEN EXIST.. THINK ABOUT IT...what if WAVEE has in-house bidders with these fictious names always winning after you and i spent all our credits thinking we were bidding against legitimate bidders only to find out the items never really get sent to anyone...There are TOO many things that smell bad about WAVEE's website and their business practices...I would think a class action lawsuit is in order...If it smells like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck then it is a DUCK...thats my disgusted feeling about WAVEE...

Ash Fork, Arizona, United States #212021

rule of thumbs: if you don't want to be charged, don't enter your credit card info. And READ carefully before you hit "sign up"

I signed up for free last month and then a week later I clicked into "Buy Credits" to buy credits. I'm not sure which page you signed up you landed. If you goto the "Sign Up" page, as far as I remember, you don't need to enter any credit card info...

good luck!


that just happened to me right now. did you guys ever get your refund?


they did the same thing 2 me i didnt authorize them for 75.00 and now im requesting a refund. no where did it state i had 2 pay 2 set up registration .

Wavee is a completer SCAM!! Be aware!!

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