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Finally! Someone has decided to look into Wavee. I just found this video which is from March 3rd. On top of the BBB receiving over 450 complaints, the Governor's Office of Consumer Protection also received over 100 complaints. Just check out the guy known only as "Paul" as his nervousness is clearly shown as he stumbles in his words. He is the same guy being interviewed by 11 Alive in their glowing report from several months back. Hopefully something actually comes out of this investigation and Wavee isn't allowed to continue delivering horrible customer experiences while not delivering what really counts - customers' items!!!

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As soon as I registered my credit card was charged $75.00 immediately. Of course they didn't send me an email, stating such.

I found out when I received my credit bill. Needless to say, I have not recovered any of that money.

Wavee is a rip-off. Stay away!!!!


wavee is a rip off you win items pay for them you never get them since november i won 16 items got 1 a $25 gift card you call or e mail them you never get anyweare they owe me over 1800 hundred $ in stuff wavee is a rip off ty richc :( :(

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